For more than forty years, Womenspace has been providing programs that empower individuals and communities working to end intimate partner violence in Lane County, Oregon. Each year Womenspace directly serves approximately 3,200 survivors and another 3,000 through their crisis line. They provide survivors the resources they need to stay safe when fleeing immediate danger, to stabilize their lives, to heal from trauma, and to support a life free from fear and abuse. With the help of donations from supporters such as Cetan Income Fund, they will continue to offer survivors the chance to transform their lives and maybe, for the first time, believe in a better tomorrow.
In Womenspace, we are graciously reminded of how dedicated and supportive our community is to its families in need. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them in support of the many families affected by domestic violence.
The Cetan Funds Community Giving Program is our way recognizing local organizations that make a positive difference in our communities.
Visit Womenspace for more information.
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