At Cetan Funds we are proud to announce our donation to ElRod Center as part of our Community Giving Program.

ElRod Center is a nonprofit organization offering a variety of services that utilize the healing power of artistic expression, play and therapeutic intervention. ElRod’s co-founder, Julie Nowacki, endured tragedy when a very close family member named Rod suffered from mental illness and took his own life.  This tragic event inspired Julie to address the mental health crisis nationwide and especially in our own community. Her vision was to implement a safe place where kids of all ages experiencing emotional trauma could come and express themselves for emotional healing and processing. ElRod Center’s licensed counselors and accomplished artists are all coming together for one glorious mission…to love and heal every child and adolescent’s heart, mind and spirit!

The Cetan Funds Community Giving Program is our way recognizing local organizations that make a positive difference in our communities.

Read more about ElRod Center and join us in welcoming and supporting this wonderful, new nonprofit in Eugene.

A Gift for ElRod Center - Cetan Funds Community Giving Program