Since 1992 Cornerstone Community has been serving the Eugene-Springfield area by tackling the problem of affordable housing in two main ways. They build quality, affordable housing for people living on limited incomes and offer services that promote personal growth and economic independence. Through their Healthy Homes Program, they currently serve over 1,300 families. Their approach focuses on the needs of family, from the layout of their homes to design of common spaces like playgrounds and the emphasis on creating a safe place to live and a vibrant community.

Their program doesn’t just stop with providing a roof over a family’s head; they offer on-site resources focused on health and wellness, food and nutrition, community development, youth development, and adult education. In 2017, they had over 2,000 visits to wellness programs, over 11,000 visits to food programs, over 2,800 visits to youth programs and nearly 2,500 visits to adult education programs.

Cornerstone Community is preventing homelessness before it begins and building a foundation for adults and children to thrive. We applaud them for providing these valuable services for our community.

Read more about Cornerstone Community and please considering joining us in supporting this excellent nonprofit and its mission.

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