With the launch of our website, CetanFunds.com, we are pleased to announce that we are officially open and proud to begin offering smart real estate loans for businesses in Lane County and greater Oregon. Our mission is simple: to be the premier private capital lender for Oregon real estate developers, builders, small businesses and residential housing investors.

How will we do that? By mixing modern technology with old-fashioned borrower-centric service. Loan application and processing are done securely online and much of it can be done from your smartphone. Prospective borrowers can learn about our loan products on our website and may contact us with questions using our online forms. You won’t find any red tape here. One of the principals will follow-up quickly, leveraging our 40+ years lending and real estate development in Oregon, and work with you to find the best solution for your loan needs. We call it the Cetan Funds Advantage.

Our loan capital is provided by Cetan Income Fund, a pool of accredited investors eager to earn superior returns from Oregon’s thriving real-estate market. Here, too, we mix modern technology with commonsense investor-centric service. Check your balances at any time from your smartphone or use it to call or email Investor Relations. We’ll get back to you promptly.

We’re excited to do our part as a private lender to help our community of small businesses, real estate developers and income property investors, grow and become successful. We also believe in giving back to the community and each quarter we will donate to a local non-profit. Our inaugural donation is to the Cascades Raptor Center. We announced our selection of the Cascades Raptor Center in a post on our Community Giving page.

We chose Cetan (pronounced seet-n) as our company name because it embodies attributes we aspire to operate with. From Lakota mythology, cetan means hawk spirit and is associated with keen vision, speed, and loyalty. We look forward to living up to these ideals on the behalf of our borrowers and investors in the coming years.

Feel free to use our inquiry form to send us any questions or to apply for a real estate loan for your business. It’s always welcome.

Thank you,
Mary Merriman, Steven Yett and David Yett