Cetan Funds recently funded a BRRR project (buy, rehab, rent, and refinance) in Beaverton, Oregon. The investor on this deal found a great opportunity to buy a single-family home in a great location at a discount thanks to a highly motivated seller who needed to close quickly with a cash sale. We were able to provide the quick funding solution the buyer needed to meet the deadline and fund necessary repairs.

Once the home is fixed up, the borrower will rent it out and refinance it with a more traditional loan as soon as possible so they can hold it as a long-term investment. We treat these BRRR project scenarios just like Fix and Flip loans. The only difference is the borrower’s exit strategy. If they can hold the property as a great cash flowing asset in their portfolio, we’re more than happy to help. We’re here to help them Build Wealth through Real Estate!

Loan Purpose

Fix and Flip


Beaverton, Washington County, Oregon

Loan Terms

$513,000 at 12.0% interest only on the outstanding balance for 6 months

BRRR project funded in Beaverton, Oregon
BRRR project funded in Beaverton, Oregon
BRRR project funded in Beaverton, Oregon

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